Community Assistance Fund

The purpose of the Community Assistance Fund is to respond to the short-term needs of non-profit agencies headquartered in Jefferson, Hardin, Orange, Chambers, and Liberty Counties.

Application Deadlines:

Fall CAF Award due October 11, 2023

Spring CAF Award due February 9, 2024

Community Assistance Fund

Twice a year the Junior League of Beaumont offers a Community Assistance Fund (CAF) Grant for non-profits in the community to apply and receive assistance with their mission. It is one of the many ways in which the Junior League of Beaumont gives back to the community.

We are excited to announce some of our previous recipients that have benefited from The Junior League of Beaumont Community Assistance Fund (CAF) Grant.

Community Assistance Grants Awarded:

Beaumont Art League

Boys and Girls Club of Deep East Texas (Hardin County)

Christus Health Foundation of SETX

Greater Orange Area Literacy Services

Hardin County Christian Care Center

Jackson Community Center – TBD

Nutrition and Services for Seniors

Orangefield Elementary

Sabine Neches Chapter Texas Masters Naturalist

Shorkey Center

Some Other Place

Southeast Texas Family Resource Center

Southeast Texas Nonprofit Development Center

Texas Christian Professional Women Network

The H.O.W. Center

The Hughen Center DBA Bob Hope School

Humane Society of Southeast Texas

Art Museum of Southeast Texas

Baptist Hospital of SETX Foundation

Heritage House of Orange County

Edison Plaza Museum

Southeast Texas Arts Council

UBI Caritas

Bridge City Middle School

BISD Fletcher Elementary

Beaumont Family Shelter

Anayat House

Sea Rim Striders

Anayat House – A guesthouse providing overnight accommodations for family members of patients at local hospitals; especially those in need at in intensive care units, with newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit, and individuals with out-patient service needs. The League is assisting this organization by awarding $869.00 to purchase two computers and printers for their guest to use. More information about this organization can be found at

Champion Oaks Ranch – With the goal of restoring children and reuniting them with their families, Champion Oaks Ranch offers homes to children on 75 acres in Jasper, Texas. By providing love, guidance, nurturing, structure and stability, the programs offered assist children to work through their issues and gain confidence, accountability and responsibility. One of the more significant programs offered is their equine therapy, which is in need of restoration and repair. The Junior League of Beaumont is happy to assist this organization’s equine program by providing a grant in the amount of $2,500. More information can be found by visiting

Crime Stoppers of Southeast Texas, Inc. – Serving all counties in Southeast Texas, this organization assists law enforcement in preventing crime and bringing justice to the victims of crime. To assist in ensuring the safety of the community’s youth, the organization provides McGruff Safe Kids ID Kits to be distributed to parents of children in school and other kid’s activities. These kits are useful in the event a child goes missing. The Junior League of Beaumont is assisting in providing these kits to our community’s youth by providing a grant in the amount of $905.00. More information can be obtained regarding this program by visiting

Family Help Systems – This organization offers a 1-day Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (“STEM”) camp, intended to expose youth of the incarcerated, housing units, and those under-exposed to the science, technology, engineering, and math fields. The League is proud to assist this event by awarding $1,500 for the purchase of supplies. To register for the camp, or learn more about Family Help Systems, please visit

The Giving Field – In a one-acre field, this organization grows organic fruits and vegetables to assist in feeding the hungry in Southeast Texas, as well as foster a sense of community through education, gardening and fellowship. Due to the flooding in the area, many of the raised beds have lost soil and the Junior League of Beaumont is happy to assist in providing a grant of $1,000 to assist in replenishing the soil for this organization to continue growing. More information can be found about The Giving Field by visiting

Helping On Purpose Everyday – H.O.P.E is an organization assists the residence of Orange County enrich their lives through science-based education programs with an emphasis on health and wellness. Each year, H.O.P.E hosts the Orange Summer Youth Cooking Camp for youth, ages 8-14, to assist children in learning healthy nutrition, food safety, and other physical health education. The League supports this initiative in improving the health and wellness of the youth in the community and offers a grant in the amount of $500 to assist in the purchase of supplies for the camp. More information about this organization can be learned by calling (409) 882-7010.

RISE – An organization devoted to assisting those in the community with disabilities, RISE offers a variety of services, including advocacy, assistive technology, housing and home modification services, independent living skills, referral services, peer counseling and support and community transition. The League is happy to award RISE $2,000.00 for the purchase of items to assemble sensory safe kits for use of individuals who become overstimulated in public areas. More information on this organization can be found at

Samaritan Counseling Center – As a non-profit counseling organization, Samaritan Counseling Center uses the concept of mind, body and spirit to promote the healing and growth of people and the reconciliation of couples, families and organizations. Now, more than ever, the individuals of Southeast Texas could benefit from mental health services, and The Junior League of Beaumont wants to assist in the outreach of services for individuals by providing a $500 grant to purchase materials to encourage mental health treatment and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. More information can be found regarding Samaritan Counseling Center by visiting

Shorkey Center – This organization offers comprehensive services to meet the needs of children. Services include physical and occupational rehabilitation, behavioral services, speech services, diagnostic evaluations, direct educational services, and parent education. The Junior League of Beaumont is proud to be able to award the Shorkey Center with $1,696.00 for the organization to purchase an adaptive stroller, allowing children who have difficulty with mobility go into the community. More information about this organization can be found at .

Some Other Place – Founded in 1968, Some Other Place strives to meet the unfulfilled emergency needs of the residents of Southeast Texas. One of the many programs offered by this organization is a clothing assistance program, which serves over 1,000 families each year. The Junior League of Beaumont is proud to be able to assist this organization in their efforts by providing a grant in the amount of $1,332.55 to purchase much needed clothing items. More information about Some Other Place can be found at

Surviving Parents of SETX – To support families who are grieving the loss of a loved one, this organization offers support group meetings, assistance in navigating legal issues, counseling, health care assistance and other short and long term assistance to offer hope and empowerment after a loss. The Junior League of Beaumont offers a grant in the amount of $1,000 to purchase activities and supplies for grief kits to support children and families in therapy after losing a loved one. More information can be found by visiting

Texas Artists Museum – Located in Port Arthur, the Texas Artists Museum offers many services beyond displaying artwork of talented artists. The museum also offers workshops, children’s arts programs and an event center for gatherings. Destroyed by Hurricane Harvey, the museum is attempting to recover and continue its mission. The Junior League of Beaumont is happy to assist in their process by offering a grant in the amount of $1,000 to replace chairs damaged in the storm. More information can be found regarding their organization by visiting

Texas Christain Professional Women Network – In an effort to provide assistance to women who have experienced domestic violence, homelessness, sex trafficking and incarceration, this organization recently acquired a shelter and is in need of items to provide for the women it serves. The Junior League of Beaumont is happy to assist this organization in its efforts with a grant of $1,000 to purchase much needed toiletry items and other room essentials. More information can be found regarding this organization by visiting

United Board of Missions – In 2019, United Board of Missions assisted over 10,973 individuals in the Beaumont and Port Arthur communities. Since 1973, they have provided food to the elderly and disabled with their Meals on Wheels Program. The Junior League of Beaumont is pleased to be able to assist the United Board of Missions in their efforts by offering $800 for the purchase of food items. Visit for more information on this organization.

In Fall 2024 and Spring 2025, the Junior League of Beaumont is prepared to award more CAF grants to qualifying organizations in the community. If you are interested or know of an organization that would benefit, please contact the CAF Grant Chair at

The CAF Grant Committee would like to thank all those involved in making these contributions to the community possible. We look forward to the 2024-2025 CAF Grant applicants!